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Project Fire: Media

Media created for Project Fire

Project Fire

Is a 2.5D beat-em-up RPG that I've been making in the Unity game engine. The story of Project Fire follows a Knight who is looking for a prince who ran away from his home to search for a legendary treasure that is said to grant any wish it's owner would want.

The Knight will travel across a bustling city, a city built in a giant tree, a mysterious underground, and across a shrouded sea with their companions to find the lost prince.

As the Knight uncovers what happened to the young prince, they'll find that he may be involved in a conspiracy that may bring about the end to the world.

To see more specifics of the project such as assets, character explorations, and world design please see Project Fire: Eiva or Project Fire: Royalty

The current build of Project Fire can be downloaded here .

Video Game Overview

Current State of Gameplay

An unedited showcase in the current state of the build. Bugs are included as well.

Trailer Concept

Narration voice provided by @Laurencrick

Closer look at animations created

To see a series of development logs I'm doing for Project Fire that offer an in-depth exploration into all aspects in the game, please feel free to visit my YouTube channel.

Poster Animation

For an in-game story event