Eiva Hero Image

Project Fire: Eiva

A Thief with a Heart of Gold


A playable character and one of the protagonist of my original game.

Eiva has always known the thief lifestyle. Growing up, she had everything she ever wanted at the expense of others. Everything she ever wanted was given to her by her father; a big deal in a criminal syndicate called Sinder. She dreamed of one day being like her dad and ruling the underworld. But, that was until she found a list that told her that her father was not her real father. That she wasn't merely a thief but something more. That she had been living a lie her whole life.

Now that her world was turned upside down for the first time she as no idea what to do.

To see the full game, visit the Project Fire Media Page or to see another in-depth look into other characters please see Project Fire: Royalty



Further Exploration into Personality & Costume

Key poses for moves adapation ingame

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