Ariel hero image

God Gene: Ariel

The Lost Warrior


Is one of three siblings that live in a small apartment above the main park of the megatroplis they call home. A city that spanned the entire eastern seaboard of North America thanks to the world finally banding together instead of living seperately due to a fragmented world of different countries and nations. Everything anyone ever needed was provided for them, the human lifespan tripled, virtually all diseases and sicknesses have been eliminated thanks to advnacements in implant technology for every person on the planet.

It would seem as though humanity had entered a new stage of evolution. Homo Cyberneticus.

But, the price of immortality came at a terrible price unbeknowest to anyone. Due to an crucial error in this new Utopia, nearly every person succumbed to a virus that turned the cybernetics that saved them into something that killed them.

Now Ariel has to protect her two young brothers in this new nightmare that emerged when the world entered Utopia.

Main Character Explorations & Costume Variations

Timelapse of Above Piece